The what and why…

This blog is meant for those with a keen interest in the origin of life – not just the politics or the dogmas (although I am sure I will spend my fair share ranting about those issues as well), but a true interest in the cutting edge science being performed today as well as the implicit philosophical repercussions.  Origins science is unique from all other types of scientific research – it relies on the use of current methodologies for the analysis of events which occurred in the past.  Unlike most other modes of science, origin of life research does not allow for any direct observation of the events which the scientists endeavor to explain,and thus, the work is akin to a sleuth following clues in a whodunnit.   Naturally, this prompts much controversy amongst both the scientific community and the public, with backlash from all sides.  This underlies my purpose in starting this blog.  The public, well at least those amongst the public with some interest in scientific findings, are unable to access the pure science themselves, as reputable scientific findings are published in scientific journals, both written for and solely read by scientists.  Thus, I will discuss some of the new (and some old) ideas in origin of life science, and hope that anyone who dares read what I write will take the time to write a comment or two, and maybe learn something along the way.

Actual science coming soon!


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